The Smartre Sale

Simply put, the best way to sell your property

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Johnson Real Estate employs The Smartre Sale right across south east Queensland. Used for property’s ranging from $400,000 to $4,000,000. Across Australia, it is estimated that over 10,000 properties were sold using The Smartre Sale in the last twelve months (using data collated from Smartre Agencies).

The Smartre Sale proves time and again that it is the best method of sale when a property attracts multiple buyers, yet stands alone as the only effective method of sale when there is just one.

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The best predictor of the future is past results. Our sellers are consistently delighted with their results when selling with Johnson Real Estate.

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What is the Smartre sale?

The Smartre sale is based upon a simple premise. What will provide a seller with the best outcome?

The best outcome is being defined as:

  • The highest price possible
  • A sale within sellers' preferred timeframes
  • No financial risk

These outcomes stand in stark contrast to the vast majority of the real estate strategies, which focus on increasing the volume and ease of obtaining Vendor Paid Advertising and on creating sales at any cost.

There is little, if any, thought given to the best interests of the sellers.

Smartre Agencies

What makes a Smartre Sale?

Great care should be taken when deciding which agent to trust. Crucial selling decisions are made with your agent.
A choice that dictates your chance of obtaining the best price, without financial harm or damage to the digital footprint.
What is market price? The price willing buyers are prepared to pay for your property today.
Thousands of dollars in equity vanish every day through unnecessary & expensive advertising and poor pricing tactics. What is appropriate for you?
A good inspection is so much more than simply opening your house for strangers.
To achieve the highest price possible for your property, an integrated negotiation strategy is essential.
Hiring a bad agent costs a lot more than just their selling fee. The right agent adds tens of thousands to your bottom line.
If an agent is not prepared to guarantee their service, why offer it?